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why ed sheeran is a lyrical genius

  • ed:

    it's alright to die cause death is the only thing you haven't tried but just for tonight hold on

  • ed:

    when my hair's all but gone and my memory fades and the crowds don't remember my name when my hands don't play the same strings the same way i know you will still love me the same

  • ed:

    i don't get waves of missing you anymore they're more like tsunami tides in my eyes

  • ed:

    you can fit me inside the necklace you got when you were sixteen next to your heartbeat where i should be keep it deep within your soul

  • ed:


Breaking yourself into pieces to make others feel whole only hurts you. Self-destructive behavior is never okay. Eat whatever you damn well please. Work out to feel good, not to be thin. Don’t waste your time on people who don’t seem to care for you. You’re too special to be someone’s second choice. Stay away from toxic people. They’re more dangerous than you could ever imagine.
what i’ll teach my daughter, part 1 (via gaveyouall)



     “I got both of them from local shelters. When I got her in 2006, the staff told me she was a shepherd husky. I go to the dog park, I’m meeting people with shepherd husky mixes, and they look nothing like her. I get in my car, I’m driving, I look in the rearview mirror, I see these eyes and I’m like, I’ve got a wolf in my car. Then, when she was 10-months old, there was a shepherd breeder and trainer in the dog park, and at the end of the lesson, the trainer came up to me and asked, ‘What kind of dog is that?’ And I’m thinking, Shepherd husky. You should know, you are a breeder. She said, ‘That’s a wolf.’” 

Bethlehem, PA


Thats mildly hilarious

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